The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on May 12, 2017

We have had sunshine and 70 degree weather all week and it has been amazing. For me, life is just easier when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous as well. The weather was so nice on Thursday that for part of the girls’ riding lesson they rode in the outdoor ring. It’s so different riding out there. Lots more distractions, but the ring is also bigger and so are the jumps! Their lessons this summer will likely be outdoors quite a bit, so I’m excited.

Last Friday. Those are some pretty big smiles aren’t they?

Monday. Not so much for the smiles on a Monday morning are they? This was the morning where our sleep wars began. In case you were wondering, they continued all week, even though I put them to bed early every night to try to catch up on sleep and reset their sleep clocks.

Tuesday. I’m still trying to find good back drops for our morning pictures. I love all the green, but it makes it really hard to edit the color!

I thought I had a Wednesday picture, but apparently not. Thursday there is no picture because Caden woke up with both eyes mattered shut. Pink eye. Again. Luckily we still had drops left so we didn’t even need to see the doctor. When I picked Delaney up from school the teachers told me that it’s going AROUND. Like at least a kid in every classroom. Caden’s classroom disinfected, plus I kept her home so hopefully that’s the end of that!

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