The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Weekend Activities

on May 11, 2017

I saw an article on Facebook about a family that refuses to do any kid activities that fall on the weekends. My first reaction was – Right on! We have ballet on Saturdays at noon and while it gives us a whole morning at home to get things done, it also makes it difficult to do anything besides cleaning/errand running on Saturdays because of the lessons happening in the middle of the day.

But now softball has kicked in and our weeks are crazy. This week was piano lessons and softball practice on Tuesday, softball practice again on Wednesday, riding lessons on Thursday and the school carnival on Friday. Monday was our only free evening! Which reminds me again why I do choose to do dance lessons on the weekend.

I have waffled on this decision quite a few times, but we will not be continuing dance lessons next fall. I love ballet, the girls love ballet 95% of the time, but now that we are doing riding lessons more often, it’s too hard to fit in another activity. All things being equal, I would absolutely continue ballet lessons. Dance is good for the girls coordination, and I think it’s a great creative outlet for them. But lesson times for the younger girls are not at the best times, and financially, I don’t need another higher cost activity.

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