The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

May weather!

on May 8, 2017

The meteorlogists keep forecasting lower temps than what we’re actually getting and it’s glorious! I do love May weekends. You’re so grateful for 70 weather and sunshine!

We had a weekend with that perfect balance of getting out and doing things, and having time at home. Or maybe it’s just that running errands in the sunshine and warmth is so much more fun than doing it in the snow? Saturday was another ballet/adoption event day. We also hit the rental house in the morning, which meant the girls got to head across the street and play with our old neighbors.

Slight tangent. I really miss our old neighborhood and how often we socialized with our neighbors. It is SO different when the people across the street have alleys, I never see them! But, I do love the people that live in our new neighborhood, so I’m making an effort to hang out with them more. On Sunday, the girls had a playdate with their friend a few doors down (that she set up, thanks Bridget!) and the mom and I talked about getting away and going for a walk together. I’m hoping that at least throwing stuff like that out there makes me follow through.

Sunday we hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy. You guys, bats are expensive. Yowza. I got real nervous when I saw those price tags! Luckily, we found some lower priced bats ($24.99 for the win!) that Delaney liked. Caden still uses our old bat, so we got lucky there. We also bought backpacks that will fit their bats, gloves, and helmet. They even have a spot for their cleats, and an insulated section! The girls are very excited. Delaney exchanged her swimsuit at Old Navy and they each found a romper they liked.

They went to their playdate and I took the dogs for a long walk. I took a chance and took them on some busier streets and Lark did so well! I only had to carry her three times. Every once in a while she just refused to move forward, so I carried her for a bit and then she was good to go. Who knows what goes through that dog’s head.

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