The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Long Week

on May 5, 2017

I thought I took at least one morning picture this week, but my camera says this picture is from April 28, so apparently not.

It’s been a long week. I had a work trip out to Los Angeles Tuesday/Wednesday. My work trips these days are generally just one nighters, which should be so easy, and yet they in general kind of wreck me. An early morning flight plus a super long day, plus 8 hours spent in an airplane make me want to curl up and sleep for days. The trip was fine and my parents handled everything supremely well, but travelling for work is still hard on everyone. (That said I hit all of my LA faves – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, In & Out, and sushi. If I’m missing my kids, at least I can eat well and enjoy the sunshine.)

On top of that, our cable/wifi/phone/xfinity stuff all went out on Tuesday. I tried to troubleshoot from afar, but eventually connected my dad with Xfinity. We have had nothing but issues since we’ve moved into this house. Our cable constantly goes out, our wifi speeds are horrendous, and even after calling multiple times the problem seems to come back after a few months. The tech came out Thursday afternoon and determined that the splitters in the basement were causing the problems. Apparently our signal is super low, then it was being split, so it was no wonder we had problems. I’m hopeful that the amplifier he put in will fix things once and for all.

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