The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on May 1, 2017

Saturday was jam packed, but the rest of it was nice and relaxed.

Friday the girls had a sleepover at their best friend’s house. This was the best gift for me, because it gave me a night to myself. I went to happy hour with my work friends, then came home and oddly enough, cleaned. I also made myself waffles for dinner, since I would never do that if the girls were home because it would take too long.

Saturday was cleaning and rescue stuff. I ran out and got groceries right away in the morning. It’s so peaceful shopping at Trader Joe’s at 9am! Sheets were changed, floors were vacuumed, and laundry was folded. The rescue had a special adoption event for senior dogs (dogs over the age of five, or dogs who have been with the rescue for a while), so after dropping the girls at ballet, Huey and I ran over to the event. It was the first time I’ve been at an event there (Bone Marche at Lunds/Byerlys for the locals) and it was packed! Lots of interest in the dogs. Huey did well, had some interest, but ultimately just wanted to sit on my lap. At some point I had to run back and pick the girls up from ballet, run them home, run back to the event, then head back home again. It was a lot of driving, but we need to get Huey more exposure.

Saturday afternoon was the rescue’s volunteer appreciation party. We brought Midas and Annabelle along. I figured Annie would have fun running with the other dogs, and I knew people would love seeing Midas again. Unfortunately it was chilly and I forgot a sweater for Midas, so he spent most of the time zipped inside my vest or someone elses. Annabelle got to see her brother! Annie is a chihuahua/terrier mix. She’s more terrier, and her brother is more chihuahua. He’s 5 lbs, so Midas sized. I was insanely excited, but they didn’t even recognize each other. One of the other foster moms said that’s normal, but it made me kind of sad. How do you forget your brother? (Chevy has similar coloring, chihuahua ears, but Annie’s coat. He was so adorable I could have eaten him up!) I took zero pictures which, honestly! What was I thinking? None of Annie and her brother, and none of the cute little two week old chihuahua baby.

Sunday was super chill. We went to Born in China (highly recommend, the scenery is crazy beautiful, but be prepared), the library, the open house a few houses down from us, and picked up their softball uniforms. Beyond that everyone read their books and chilled. It was much needed!

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