The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Easter Crafts

on April 27, 2017

Throwback to Easter! The Saturday before Easter we headed out to my aunt’s house for the annual Easter celebration. Per the usual, our day started out with a craft. I feel like our crafts get more elaborate every year? This year was no exception. Lisa had a bunch of little pots and a bunch of succulents. She also had paint, rocks, and other things we could decorate with. I took the easy road out and picked a pretty white milkglass dish to plant my succulent in. No decorating needed! The girls got super into it though. They each decorated two or three pots? I’d have to count how many plants are in the dining room.

They each painted their pots, and luckily, the paint dried quickly. Then they had Lisa make their name into a sticker (using her Crickut?). So pretty! As soon as their first pot was finished, they were reaching for another.
All of the colors they used were bright which was perfect. They add a definite pop of color to our dining room!

Post craft we colored eggs and had an egg hunt, then we ate. Standard fare. And we toasted to Lisa and Stan’s 25th wedding anniversary! I do love these family gatherings. They give the girls a broader sense of family and with only one parent, I feel like they need that.

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