The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 13, 2017

Anyone else out there watching The Zoo? We love watching vet shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild. Anytime a new show comes on, we always dvr it to at least check it out. We’ve loved The Zoo! It has been so cool seeing all of the behind the scenes things that happen at a zoo. It’s also been interesting hearing about their conservation efforts. We will definitely be going when we’re in New York in June.

When I was younger I wanted to be a ballet dancer or a marine biologist, but I didn’t think either of those careers were feasible. I love that my girls watch all of these different shows and they can see all of these different careers that they could have. Dog trainer, vet tech, veterinarian, zoo veterinarian, zoo keeper. Did you know there is someone who designs the zoo habitats and paints the murals? What a cool job!

It may look like we’re a teeny bit animal focused right now, but we also talk a lot about NASA and scientists and astronauts and robots and the people who make all of that happen. We went to Hidden Figures. We’ve watched the Oscars and talked about how someone had to design the costumes and sets for Fantastic Beasts. We watch Face Off and Cosplay Melee.

I think when it comes to their careers, it’s wide open, and I love that.

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