The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

The end of break

on April 3, 2017

So Thursday evening Nevada went to her forever home! Our adoption coordinator stopped by to pick her up and was loving on Midas while we chatted. I commented that his eye was red again, but brushed it off since his bad eye is red off and on. But that night it got worse quickly, and Friday morning I was on the phone making him an appointment at his eye doctor. Unfortunately, the appointment was for 10:45am, which threw off our plans for the day. Oh well, it’s his eye and we cannot mess around with that.

The doctor immediately said his eye did not look good which prompted me to say “Will it need surgery??” Not yet. Long story short, he has a corneal ulcer, cause unknown. He gets pain meds once a day, and antibiotic ointment four times a day. He must have been in quite a bit of pain, because about two minutes after the doctor put the anesthetic on his eye, he fell asleep in my lap. I’m hoping my noon hours stay free so I can run home at lunch and give him his medicine.

After his appointment I was exhausted, so we jumped in the car to grab some lunch and some April Fools cupcakes! This was our second year doing this and it’s so fun! They expanded their gluten free/dairy free options tremendously! I got the buttered popcorn which was very good, and then another non crazy chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting. The girls got unicorn poop, worms and dirt, and kitty litter.

Saturday afternoon we hit up an adoption event. The event the week prior was wall to wall people, so I was excited to get Huey lots of exposure. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather meant people did other things, and it was a pretty quiet event. Huey’s hormones aren’t all gone quite yet, so he spent most of his time being held since he humped too many other dogs. Oh Huey.

We were able to love on lots of other dogs though! This is Delaney posing with dog Delaney! I’ve kept track of dog Delaney because of her name, but we had never been at an event with her. She is very shy and wouldn’t allow Delaney to hold her, but Laney was so thrilled to get this picture.

Because we couldn’t do the Crayola Experience on Friday, we went instead on Saturday. A coworker had recommended it, but I had no idea what to expect. I thought we would be there an hour or two, we were there for three and could have stayed longer. I cannot recommend it highly enough! It definitely engages kids of all ages. There were tons of stations and because of the nice weather, we didn’t have to ever wait.

Everything was very technology driven. At this station, the girls colored an outfit, then scanned it in. A minute later you looked up and the girls was walking down the runway wearing the dress you colored. It was so cool! They are both already asking to go back and want annual passes so we can go all the time.

We ended Saturday with homemade pizzas at home. I debated grabbing dinner at the mall, but it was crazy and Huey doesn’t do the best when we’re gone, so we hustled home.

On Sunday we cleaned. Games were put away, markers were put away, floors were scrubbed, and laundry was done. It feels so good to have the house in order again!

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