The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Staycation Day 1

on March 31, 2017

So the five dog thing, plus work being busy, maybe pushed me right up to my edge. I’m pretty aware of my boundaries though, and crashed on the couch Wednesday night. The girls moved their lego village to their room to give me some quiet downtime. Thursday morning we all had breakfast, then the girls went to play more legos and I had a blissful hour of quiet time reading my book. It was exactly what I needed.

After lunch we headed to Grand Slam in Burnsville. It was very similar to where they had their birthday party, but with trampolines and batting cages. They also offered a much better (cheaper) pricing structure. We were excited to hit some balls!

Except we couldn’t. You needed to be in 5th grade to use the batting cages. The slowest one had pitches coming in at 45 mph. The girls were used to the 30-35 mph range, so this activity was definitely out. Instead we bought the laser tag package which meant the girls could play mini golf, laser tag, and bumper cars unlimited for three hours. Big Thrill Factory sells an unlimited package but it’s more expensive and it’s for the entire day. Maybe when kids are older? But at both places we only stayed for about two hours.

Mini golf is not my favorite, I’ll admit. Putting is my least favorite part of golf, so to do that over and over again? No thanks. But, this course was pirate themed and very cool. The holes were fun and just challenging enough, and we made it through with only a small amount of frustration.

I only got packages for the girls, and bought a single game of laser tag so I could play with them. IT WAS SO FUN. We played with a super fun group of people, no one took it seriously, and we had a blast. I immediately went and bought another ticket so we could play again. Our second game was a little different. We were in there with a bunch of boys that took it way more seriously. They would stand and hit you until your gun died and you had to recharge. I finally said to one of them “You’re not making this very fun”. Turnabout is fair play though, and Delaney ended up using their strategy against them by our base.

Overall, Big Thrill Factory was bigger, nicer, had better food options, and way more arcade games. But they are also more expensive. It’s likely worth it if you think you really will spend all day there. Grand Slam was cheaper, and the girls liked their laser tag setup better. It’s about 10 minutes farther away from us, but we would definitely go back!

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