The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 29, 2017

Every year I curse spring break a little bit more. We have yet to actually take a vacation during spring break, which means I’m trying to do some sort of work from home/keep my kids from going bonkers gymnastics. And of course, work always seems to be busy during this week.

Monday I told the girls that the tv was going off at 10:00am, and would stay off until 4:00pm. Sunday night Caden made a list of all of the things they could do during the day. The tv actually went off just after 9am, and the girls played legos, magnatiles, trouble, and every other game we had in the cupboard. It was a mess, but it was amazing! I love when they get stuff out they haven’t played with in forever. Makes me feel better for buying it for them.

Tuesday was similar, although by Tuesday the mess was starting to get to me. I wish I did better with messes, but they make me anxious. I don’t like not being able to walk through my living room. Plus, with the dogs, I hate all of the little lego pieces everywhere. Someone is going to eat one and then what? But, I let them play all day and they cleaned things up before piano lessons. It was gorgeous out so there was quite a bit of time outside with the dogs exploring. Everyone was exhausted by the end of the day!

I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, and while my initial plan was to stain the fence, I’ve instead decided we need to get out and about and do something fun. I think Thursday we’re going to try out the batting cages? And Friday maybe the Crayola Experience? It’s going to be sunny, but not warm so we aren’t opting for any outdoor activities just in case.

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