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Tiny Bits

on March 21, 2017

* Who else saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend? We LOVED it! My jaw dropped in several scenes, this movie was that beautiful. So well done! While the girls loved the end scene when everyone turned back into a human, my favorite scene was the pub scene where they sing Gaston’s song. The dancing, the singing, it was super fun. Emma Watson did a great job, but for me, Josh Gad stole every scene he was in.

* We’ve been home every weekend for a lot of weekends in a row and we’re all over it. Normally we break things up with a few trips to Mankato, which is good for everyone. Away from the cleaning and to do lists, it’s relaxing. But with my parents in Arizona this year, we’ve been home and while we are a routine loving family, we are ready for a change!

* I was a little over asking the girls to do their cleaning tasks over and over all weekend and maybe at times I expressed that I was angry I had to do this. Sunday evening I said to Delaney “Your ballet bag is still by the door and I’m a little angry about it.” She replied immediately with “You’ve been angry all weekend.” Parenting your mini me is HARD.

* We live on a quiet street that makes a nice loop with the street just down from us. It’s awesome for Lark because our walks are quiet. Except now that it’s nice out everyone is out walking. We run into other humans, dogs, kids riding bikes, and kids in strollers. Lark has actually handled it really well, but the look on Nevada’s face as she tried to hide in my legs when she saw the (little)kids on bikes was hilarious!

One response to “Tiny Bits

  1. Grammy says:

    Weekends on the lake — coming soon!

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