The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 20, 2017

First, thank you to everyone for your laundry related advice. It was good to know I’m not alone, and good to get advice! When we put laundry away, I fold t-shirts and pants, one girl does socks and underwear, and the other girl puts things away in the closet (hanging, tank tops, riding, ballet) and helps with pants and pajamas. Now, socks and underwear will also have to inside out anything that hasn’t been.

It’s almost softball season! The girls got new gloves for their birthday, and on Sunday we headed out to get Delaney new cleats. Luckily, Caden can wear Delaney’s cleats from last year. She has been a trooper about wearing some of Delaney’s hand me downs (winter boots, now cleats), but she understands why and only complains a little.

I lobbied for black and white cleats but she said no. She loved these from the moment she saw them!  They look gigantic here!  (Prior to this we were at Target checking out flip flops.  I found a pair I liked and so Delaney tried them on in a size 6 womens and they fit her.  Sob.)

One small gripe. Maybe two. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a freaking madhouse every single time we go there to buy shoes. They always have two people working, and a million people crammed into these little nooks and crannies trying to try on shoes. It’s insane. Also? Their softball selection is miniscule compared to their baseball selection. It’s sad, but indicative of the equality of those two sports. Similarly, we have one decent field to play softball on while baseball has ten.

I offered up batting gloves but neither wanted them. I think softball practice starts sometime in April? We pick up uniforms April 30 and then games in May! I’m excited!

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