The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Birthday Weekend

on March 6, 2017

We celebrated the girls birthday all weekend! And it was fabulous.


Birthday morning! They wanted to open their presents right away, so that’s what we did.


We did an extra riding lesson, so that was originally going to be my birthday present to them. But then another barn mom said she bought her daughter a grooming kit and it was a fun, not super expensive present. So I went with that and sure, it was an expensive present but they are over the moon that they have their own grooming kits now so totally worth it. They carry them like purses and Delaney said “I feel so grown up!”


My parents flew back from Arizona for their birthday and we were so happy they did. Friday night we went to Benihana for dinner and it was divine! This is the only place I willingly eat gluten and it’s so worth the five days of being sick. Our chef was hilarious, and we all laughed at every one of his jokes.


Then it was back home for birthday cake. The girls wanted me to bake their cake, and they wanted it to be gluten free/dairy free so I could eat it too. We tried out some new recipes and oof, not a hit. It was a sad birthday cake, but now we know (just order from Nadia cakes and let the pros do it). They were awesome sports about it, and I love how important it was to them that I be able to eat it too.


Saturday was their friend party. They invited three girls they both know and we went to the Big Thrill Factory. They played laser tag, did the ropes course, bumper cars, and arcade games. They were so excited for this, Delaney stood on top of the couch waiting for her friends to arrive!


But first! Nadia Cakes cupcakes for everyone! And another round of happy birthday.

I swear, I have not seen these two smile and laugh this much in a long time. Some years we struggle with their friend party, but this year we nailed it. The five girls got along really well, no one was left out, and everyone had a ton of fun.

They are already planning next year’s party!

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