The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Piano Geniuses

on March 1, 2017

Just kidding. But, the girls piano playing has really hit its stride. Both girls practice willingly and sometimes even excitedly, and their lessons go really, really well. This is a stark contrast to the fall, when it was a grind to get Caden to practice and I held my breath through her lessons hoping they went well.

Delaney enjoys piano a little more than Caden does. I think she likes the challenge, and it maybe comes a little more naturally to her. Caden struggled with piano throughout the fall and into winter. Things weren’t clicking, she struggled with her pieces, and she didn’t want to practice. Delaney doesn’t always love it either, but most days she’ll practice without much arguing. I even started contemplating how much longer to make Caden continue with lessons. A year? Two?

But now? Caden’s playing has just blossomed. She’s understanding where to play softer and where to accentuate. She adds her own flair to pieces and will sit down and play even when I haven’t asked her to practice. It’s so fun to listen to her play!

Their teacher and I talked about it a bit at the end of their lesson. Last summer the girls didn’t play much piano at all. Because of that, Caden had a difficult transition back into things once lessons started back up again. She had similar issues with math, another subject we didn’t hit much over the summer. We have math apps on their iPads, but I don’t have any solid ideas on how to get the girls to play piano over the summer. I’m hoping that they will naturally play? If not, we may have to designate one day a week where they play something, just to keep it fresh in their minds.

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