The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on February 28, 2017


Internets, meet Nevada. She’s our newest foster. She’s two years old and is some sort of chihuahua mix.


Judging by her curly tail we’re thinking part pug? Shiba inu? Fox?

She’s 15 lbs, but she’s definitely overweight so we’re going to help her lose a little. She was just spayed so we’re taking it easy on exercise for now, but she has gone for two walks and has done fabulous on a leash. She walked with the pack with zero issues, sniffing but never pulling.


Aren’t the spots on her front legs adorable?

She has the best personality. Super laid back, but also playful and fun. She loves toys, any and all, will fetch a ball if you throw it, and very much enjoys exploring the yard.


She has also found that she loves to lounge on the couch with the girls. She puts her head on your leg and falls alssp. We’re a low key household, so it’s always nice when a new foster dog fits in with that vibe.

She’s been awesome with the girls, even sleeps with them, so she would make an excellent family dog. Best part? She’s potty trained! At this point we take her out every few hours (as we do with all of our dogs). She isn’t at the point yet where she will go to the door to tell you that she needs to go out, but she’s very smart so I’m sure that will come soon.  eta: I stand corrected!  This morning she went to the back door, asked to go out, and then went potty!

Every day we see a little more of her personality and I have to say, she’s a good one. She’s sweet, snuggly, smart, and her enthusiasm and curiosity make me laugh. After her time in a puppy mill, she definitely deserves the best! If you’re interested in adopting Nevada, fill out an application at Underdog Rescue!

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