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More fever + Ballet

on February 27, 2017


This was Delaney on Friday. Sick again. She spiked a fever Thursday morning that continued until Friday night. I worried it would be the same five day fever as last time, but she took a long shower Friday evening and that seemed to help her turn the corner. She had no appetite and no energy though, so she’s slowly working her way back. Annie has loved all the illness in our house. So many people to snuggle with on the couch!

Saturday morning was parent observation day for their ballet class. Because Delaney’s fever was 103 Friday night, I decided not to have her do ballet since it might push her over the edge again. So, it’s just Caden! Their ballet school is around the corner from Trader Joe’s, so I usually grab groceries during class and don’t really watch them. It was fun (and nostalgic!) to watch them do their barre routines. The repetition, moves building on each other, I remember it fondly!


Excited for class to start! She was right in front of me for their barre work, so I didn’t even have to be the obnoxious mom who was crawling all over the studio to get her shots!


I was never good at getting my elbows rounded either.




This is their pirouette prep. I’d imagine in the next level up they would actually do the turn? Their teacher is very good, advancing their repertoire of moves while still working the foundational moves. I’ve really liked her and feel like the girls get something out of every class.


Jete! She put two plates on the floor and the girls had to jump over them. All of the girls had so much fun with this one! I grabbed my 18-55mm lens for class, since I didn’t know how close the room would be and wanted to be able to get the shots. It worked fine, but definitely didn’t handle action very well. I took enough to get one decent jump though!

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  1. Dancersballetlife says:

    Aww I love this post! 🙂

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