The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Train the Crazies

on February 21, 2017

Last fall I bid on and won a gift certificate for some dog training at an Underdog silent auction. Clearly, we needed it because our pack is a bit loose on rules. When Annie was around a year old we took her to the beginner obedience class but it was overwhelming for her, and we weren’t good about reinforcing the commands at home. This time, I’m hoping to do better.

Each dog had some behavior I wanted to correct. The woman who came out was from the same place that we did the obedience classes, so as she was walking us through things it all started coming back to me. It also seemed to come back to Annie as well, since she caught on to things very quickly.

For Annie, we need to handle the barking and the guarding of house. She gets very territorial about defending us against just about anything (did I mention on here that there was a coyote about 10 yards from our backyard a few weeks ago? Ever since that incident Annie’s guarding has gone into overdrive). We have a few things to work on that should help distract her. It was nice to really talk through the situations and see that I wasn’t taking it far enough. I would distract her, but I need to remove her from the situation as well.

Midas is also a barker and a guarder, so everything we work on with Annie, we’ll also do with him. He knows his name and responds well to that, so he’s already started off on the right foot.

Lark is generally my main concern. If there’s anything we can do to ease her anxiety we obviously want to do that. Overall, we’re supposed to reward her for good interactions, but also give her her space. She had great observations about how the girls interact with her that was really helpful as well.

I had thought this would be a very expensive thing, with multiple lessons needed, but I don’t think it will be. She walked us through everything I wanted to address and said I could email her with any questions. I was super happy! I feel like we have things we can work on to help the dogs, and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money to get it.

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