The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on February 6, 2017

You know how when life gets crazy you think, man, I would really love a weekend at home with nothing to do. Then by Sunday noon you’re ready to stab your eye out with a fork? Yeah. That was us.

Let’s back up. Friday morning Delaney came into my bathroom in search of the thermometer so she could take her temperature. Normally, Caden is the one hoping for a fever to get her out of school, so I was a little surprised. Even more surprised as I watched the thermometer climb up to 102.1. Yikes.

Friday Delaney’s temperature was all over the place, even with meds. And yet, that was really her only symptom. She was a little tired, but nothing else. Just before dinner she looked off, so I had her take her temp again and it was 103! Into the tub, more ibuprofen and all of our weekend plans off the table.

Saturday morning rolled around and while she hadn’t slept well, she was feeling good. No fever in the morning so we hit up ballet. Shortly after we got back her fever was back up again so we committed to home and I tried to keep her low key. I figured I would use this unexpected time at home to get a few things done.

  • Took a nap
  • Served popcorn for dinner
  • Lark has two fleece suits.  One has a turtleneck and the other doesn’t.  I cut the turtleneck off, flipped the ends under and sewed it up!  Now it’s not so tight around her neck which if nothing else, makes me feel better.
  • Put together a puzzle with Caden
  • Watched the Harry Potter movie that’s about the tri-wizard tournament.  Two thumbs up!
  • Read my book by the fire
  • Washed the sheets on the guest bedroom bed
  • Watched the Melissa McCarthy SNL skit over and over
  • Told the girls 45 times that no they are not bored, there are plenty of things to do

Be careful what you wish for.  While we had a weekend at home, we were all going stir crazy by Sunday.  Delaney’s fever stayed under 101 on Sunday (although stuck around 100.8 most of the day) so I’m hoping whatever virus she had is now gone.  Now to get on top of some plans for next weekend!

Update. Her fever is 101.1 this morning so another day at home. 😫

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