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Life with identical twins

Thank you!

on February 2, 2017

Thank you so much to everyone who left ideas on how to control the library books. I do love the internet. As I was typing responses to everyone, it became very clear that we had no system whatsoever for our library books, and just hoping that the girls would be responsible clearly wasn’t enough.

First, let’s cover what we do have in the way of storage and systems. We have a bookcase with two shelves. Last week we pulled out all of the books they don’t read, and I switched things around so that Caden has one shelf and Delaney has the other. This at least helps them find their books, should their books actually make their way to the bookshelf.

They each have a bin under their bunk beds for their books. We bought these bins about a year ago? Again to try to control the library books. They worked better when their beds weren’t bunked, now that they are they always seem to have books in them, but they aren’t the best storage place.

After dinner we read through all of the comments and talked about what would and wouldn’t work for us. I wanted the “Library books don’t leave the house” rule, but they both really wanted to be able to read their books on the bus and at school during Independent Reading time, as well as in the car. They both read a lot in the car, especially in the summer. I asked if they couldn’t rely on school books or our books for that and they didn’t think so.

Here’s what we’ve come up with. I think our biggest problem is that they read in bed, and then the books are in bed, on the floor, and everywhere else. They go to bed about 8:15, with lights out at 9:00. Once it’s lights out, they will have to get out of bed and put whatever books they’re reading away (bookcase or bin). We’ve also created a Sign Out sheet for any book that leaves the house (either to go to school, or if we have a long car ride). They will sign the book out, and then sign it back in that evening. I like this idea, I just need to stay on top of implementing it. I’ve also told Delaney she needs to use the Kindle as much as possible. I think once she gets used to it, she’ll like it, but I know from personal experience it takes some time to build up a list on the elibrary site.

All of this thinking also made me realize our house has gotten out of control since Christmas. Work has been really busy. Really, really busy. By the time I get home I’m exhausted, and I just haven’t been keeping up on picking things up. I’m hoping this weekend we can right the ship.

Cross your fingers!

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