The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

January Slump

on January 25, 2017

We are heading into the time of year that is less than thrilling. School, piano, riding, homework. Our weeks are pretty standard and boring. There are definitely things I would like to post, but now that the girls are older I try to walk the fine line of not posting anything that crosses that crazy line that you try not to cross. So instead, how about some possibly vague, as not vague as I feel like I can make them bullets?

* The last day of school before Christmas break, Caden’s teacher bought pizzas for the kids who completed the third grade math level in Khan Academy. I think she felt like she had it eat it all? And then had a stomach ache. That seemed to pop up every morning. So she kind of stopped eating. No dessert, and was wary of most other foods for fear her stomach would hurt badly again. I finally threw her on the scale because she cannot afford to lose weight! And yet, she’d lost somewhere in the 3-5 pound range. We worked through her anxiety, and found foods that tasted good and didn’t hurt her stomach. Finally, she is back above 50 lbs, a month later! (We will not get into my fears that with her willpower against food, she could become a very disordered eater.)

* Delaney is in a bit of a rebel phase. It’s lasted a long time. I have overall loved age eight, but it’s becoming clear that Delaney has a mind of her own and that she’s quite smart. I will absolutely have my work cut out for me parenting wise. She challenges me in every way, and pushes me to be a better, calmer parent.

* A dog story to round things out. I’m not sure what has happened lately, maybe the swelling in his eye has gone down, maybe he’s just realized he’s in his forever home, but Midas has been super happy lately. The other evening he was running laps through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Last night he ran over and pounced on a bone, like it was the best part of his day. I love that little punk to death, he makes me smile so much.

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