The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Saving my Sanity

on January 19, 2017

One of my favorite simple life bloggers wrote a post titled “Seven things saving my sanity right now”. Life has been pretty hectic around here lately, so I read it with great interest. None of them really applied to me though, so I kept thinking I needed to write my own post like that! Except, I couldn’t come up with one thing saving my sanity much less seven. I kind of hated that so I took a different tact and tried to figure out what was driving me mad.

Here’s the deal. I’m an introvert. I’m very social at work, partly because I really do like people and partly because I’m a project manager and that’s my job. Then I come home to two very chatty 8-year-olds who want to tell me about their day (and I want to hear about it!). I very much need my downtime after they go to bed to recharge. I need peace and quiet, where I can just hang out and watch tv and not talk.

The girls go to bed somewhere around 8:30. They can read until 9:00pm, then it’s lights out. But like they have since they moved to big girl beds, they come out of their room approximately 1,239,283,331 times per night. I need a hug, I need water, I need to give Annie a kiss, I need to go to the bathroom. It is nonstop. And lately! They are not even asleep when I go to bed at 10:30 and want to come to bed with me where they continue to talk to me and the dogs while I try to read. It’s maddening and exhausting. Without this time to recharge at night I am a beast during the day. When my team commented on it at work, I knew I needed to do something about it.

So I’m reclaiming my evenings. Bedtimes are back to 8:15. They get a little more reading time, I get a little more me time. They have been told not to come out of their room unless someone is bleeding. So far, eh. They’ve been staying in their rooms better, but this week one of them has been awake every night when I go in to check on them before going to bed. I know they’re exhausted, so I think earlier bedtimes will help everyone, we just need to get there.

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