The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on January 16, 2017


Demi has only been going to adoption events since December. She is the sweetest thing with the best personality, but in with a lot of dogs? She didn’t always do well. She barked. A lot. But other times she would be her cute self! And then I got an email requesting a meet and greet. We were excited!


When the woman arrived Demi barked and I got nervous. But! This woman had done her research and knew hos chihuahuas can be and the barking didn’t put her off at all. Demi soon calmed down and really seemed to connect with the woman. The woman asked a lot of questions which showed me she’d done a ton of research. We walked through Demi’s day, crate and potty training, and I tried to show off her awesome personality. Luckily, Demi cooperated and played fetch, gave kisses, and played with Annie like a champ. It all went really well and she emailed the next day saying she wanted to proceed with the adoption.


Obviously with our first two dogs we foster failed. The two puppies that we fostered this summer were only with us for two weeks each. We loved them, but it was much different sending them on the way to their forever homes. Demi had been with us almost four months! She fit perfectly into our house. She was super easy, loved to play with Annie, and (mostly) knew when to stay away from Midas. She never fails to bring a smile to your face and loves to give kisses. I’ve said that if we didn’t already have three dogs we would have failed with her, but the flip side of it was, she was never going to be ours. So from that standpoint, I always knew we would be just a stepping stone for her.


Her new mom emailed me on Wednesday and said her new name was going to be Lucy. It was perfect. It was more than a little weird calling her Lucy, but we did our best to help her learn her new name! Her new mom came over Saturday morning to pick her up so we spent a little time beforehand getting pictures. Every other picture I have of her is blurry or she’s looking away, but on Saturday she knew how to be the perfect model! I had a few moments when I was giving her kisses and whispering how much I loved her when I cried, but I pulled it together because I knew had to. The handoff went well, she got a new snazzy coat, and I kissed her off to her new life. I’m so thrilled for her. She will be the center of attention at her new house, which she will love. She will have lots of dog friends in the building to play with, and I know we will see her again at doggie playdates this summer. In the end, it wasn’t hard because I knew she was going on to an amazing life.

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