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Happy birthday Lark!

on December 29, 2016


Oh Larkie. You’re four!

Last year, Lark’s birthday slipped under the radar. We had just adopted her, and by the time I really looked at her vet paperwork, her birthday had already passed. She got her pupcake last week, and will get spoiled all day today.

Back before we adopted Annie, I would read the dog bios on Underdog’s site and think I could never deal with a dog that was nervous or shy. Once we met Lark, it was heartbreaking to see how she had clearly been abused. She has so much anxiety about all the things, but even with that, she tries so hard to be a part of everything. Over the last year I’ve watched her confidence grow. She’s more relaxed around my parents, and the girls. In the last few months she’s started giving kisses (watching Demi constantly kiss us hopefully showed her the way!) and she even gave kisses to Delaney the other night. Delaney was over the moon and couldn’t believe Lark was showing her that much affection.


I think going to the lake has been a big part of her social growth. It’s so good for her to get out of her comfort zone and still be okay. When she’s out on the boat, all of the anxiety is gone. She just chills and watches us fish.

When we first got her she would run away any time I came towards her and tried to pick her up. Now she sits and waits when I ask her to, and will even walk in front of me, stopping so I scoop her up on my way. I feel like we have a good groove and she trusts me to keep her safe.

Larkie girl, you have taught me patience and love and once again, I pledge to you that it will only be the good stuff – and lots of lake days! – from here on out.

One response to “Happy birthday Lark!

  1. Grammy says:

    Happy birthday, sweet Lark!

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