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Christmas Wrap Up

on December 28, 2016

I took approximately four pictures of the Christmas weekend. Oops? I’m awful at taking pictures of present opening so that wasn’t a surprise, but usually I do better!

Christmas Eve Eve

Since we were picking up a pie from Nadia Cakes, we also picked up four pupcakes. We had missed Midas’ pupcake, and Lark’s birthday is on Thursday, so we celebrated all at once. I thought it would be sweet and picture worthy, but as soon as they came out all the dogs started going crazy. Annie and Demi ate theirs in one gulp, and Lark and Midas ran off to their corners to eat theirs slowly.

Christmas Eve
This year my parents came up to our house for Christmas Eve. They came up in the morning and while my dad and the girls shopped, my mom and I finishing prepping things. There wasn’t a ton to do, but I realized I am low on serving dishes so we hunted around until we found enough dishes. This is what happens when you don’t get married.

Church was at 4:00. As we were walking out the door I realized we hadn’t taken a family picture (again). I never seem to get that shot! Church was very nice, although next year we need to get there a little earlier. For dinner we had roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and dinner rolls with creme brulee for dessert. It was delicious!

Christmas Day
I was ready for a 6am wake up. The girls have been so excited for Christmas I was sure they would be up early! But no, they didn’t get up until 7:30 and that was only because Delaney heard me letting the dogs out. She woke up Caden who maybe wasn’t really ready to get up. Our morning had a bit of a rough start but we rallied.


Here’s the one picture I got of present opening! Please note Caden’s crazy hair. She’s confused because she got hot chocolate k-cups in her stocking, but we don’t have a keurig. Or do we??? That was our family gift from my parents. I’ve avoided them for years because I like my drip coffee and I have no room in my kitchen, but Caden loved it so much when we were in Arizona, I caved but only if my mom could find a small one.

The girls were very excited about all of their gifts. They got a lot of Legos, books, and some clothes. Delaney got a few science type things, and they also got some new board games. Overall, solid gifts and nothing that will end up in the garbage in a month.


We made reindeer pancakes for breakfast which were a big hit! Breakfast was a teeny bit crazy with everyone opening up boxes and putting things together and in the kitchen, but that’s our life most of the time anyway. Caden loved doing the whip cream and the dogs loved the extra bacon.

After lunch we headed out to my brother’s house to celebrate with him and his family, and my grandpa. The weather was crazy! Torrential rain, thunder, super high winds. Luckily it was above freezing or it would have been a nightmare. We had hoped to go sledding and maybe have an outdoor bonfire, but those plans were shot. Instead we opened presents, the girls had some dance parties, and the younger cousins did a little piano recital for us. It was a really nice day ending with an amazing dinner! The french silk (gluten free!) pie from Nadia Cakes was the perfect dessert.

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas everyone slept in. I let the girls stay in their pajamas until just before my parents got to our house. Mostly the girls played Legos while I took down all of the Christmas decorations. I love the holiday spirit, but I was ready to get my house back.

Since my parents had an early flight out Tuesday morning, they stayed with us Monday night. I have not done any decorating beyond what we did when we moved in, so we headed to Home Goods to find a few things. We had great luck and found some cute prints for the girls’ bathroom, as well as a few things for my bedroom. I still need more things, but I feel like after a year, I can finally visualize how I want things here. I’ve also decided to tear out the carpet in the basement and put in laminate flooring. I hate carpet and even more than that, I hate continuously replacing it. With foster dogs and everything else, it makes sense to do laminate and even better – it’s cheaper than carpet! We spent some time in Home Depot looking at their selection. Caden has a lot of opinions about the flooring. It was cute watching her hunt down the cheapest option (it’s the basement!) in the color I want.

And now here we are, it’s already Wednesday. How awesome is that?

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