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Winter Break

on December 21, 2016

The girls are officially on winter break! Normally they have two weeks off, but this year they had just a little less. Work is crazy busy right now, so I’m very grateful for the two days of school this week. Today my mom is coming up and baking cookies with them, and next week they have camp one day. Hopefully we can all enjoy the break, without driving each other bonkers.

More bullets

* I’m in love with Mary Berry on the Great American Baking Show and now I’ve found her on pbs on the Great British Baking Show! She’s an incredible baker, and she’s hilarious. She needs to be on my tv more.

* Caden had three different falls on Tuesday so she has earned herself a chiropractic appointment. Delaney eats her way through growth spurts, Caden gets clutzy.

* Speaking of growth spurts, Delaney has grown, enough that many of her shirts are too short now. I’m now buying her a size large in kids! The other day when we went boot shopping she tried on a ladies size 6.5. I’m not ready for this.

* January is always a No Spend month for me, and I’m honestly looking forward to it at this point. December has been expensive at every turn! When things get stressful at work I have a tendency to eat out a lot, so I’m trying to hedge my bets and meal plan enough that there are plenty of easy meal options at home. I hate meal planning these days, so my plan is to plan out the entire month right away, as well as lunch ideas for work. My lunch partner just had a baby, so it will be even easier to eat at my desk each day. Let’s hope this idea works, and I don’t get burned out on cooking week one.

* I really need to write a post about how much I love age eight, but the past week both girls have done things that just make me smile and feel huge pride that I’m their mom. I can’t even remember the exact things, and to be honest, they were likely completely opposite of each other because that’s where the girls strengths seem to be lately, but they’re growing up and I love it.

One response to “Winter Break

  1. stslusher says:

    We are loving the Great American Baking Show as well. Mary is great, but I’m missing Paul!

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