The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Snow and Cold

on December 19, 2016

On Friday the snow started much later than anticipated, which meant our Friday plans were ON. The plus side was that everyone either stayed home, or left work early so there was very little traffic on the not so great roads.

Before the Nutcracker we had dinner at a steak house that was just down the road from the theater. It was tucked back into a business complex, but Caden had the eagle eye and spotted the sign. The girls split a filet mignon for dinner, and we had creme brulee for dessert. It was delicious. An hour later they were asking for more food. I am over this growth spurt!

We went to The Nutcracker put on by the girls’ ballet school and it was so perfect! They did an amazing job. They stayed true to the story line, but used the girls that they had to fill out all of the roles. The snowflake scene was dreamy, we were all in awe. If you’re looking for an excellent version of The Nutcracker for future years, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. It will definitely be our yearly tradition, even if the girls aren’t taking ballet lessons there. As an added bonus, the girls’ assistant teacher had multiple roles so it was fun to spot Miss Rayne throughout.

The roads were fairly empty on the drive home. That plus the swirling snow and snowy roads made it more than a little eerie.

Saturday we stayed home all day. I did some laundry and picked things up a bit, but beyond that I did zero cleaning. We hung out, played the Wii, watched some shows, read books, and just generally lazed about. It was glorious and totally needed! And we shoveled. Can’t forget about the 8 inches of snow! The girls helped, although I do believe they pushed each other into snow piles and after that it was mostly me out there.


Demi girl loves the snow, hates the cold. But she has finally figured out why I keep putting sweaters on her and she’s stopped fighting it.


Annie looks like the brave snow soldier here but don’t let this picture fool you. She did fine Saturday, but Sunday and the below zero temps were not good for her paws. I have booties, but we usually only use them when we’re going for walks since they are a pain to put on.


Do you see how their pants don’t quite match their jackets? Oh well. Caden had Delaney’s old owl hat on. That plus no glasses had me so confused!

Sunday was church, errands, and Rogue One! We all loved the movie, although next time I think I need to pick the theater that doesn’t have the crazy ATMOS sound. Both girls said it was too loud. This was also the second time we saw the preview for Wonder Woman and we are all VERY excited for that movie.

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