The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Snownami Coming

on December 16, 2016

This holiday season has been crazy for me. Work has been busy, and we’ve had a lot going on evenings and weekends. Almost every day I’m nonstop from the moment I get up. I had hoped taking yesterday off would give me some downtime, but I had so many things to do there was none. But, a big snowstorm is coming today and while it’s going to wreck a lot of plans, it will also force us to stay home on Saturday. Friday we have the Nutcracker and at this point, we’ll play that by ear. I thought maybe we could finally go sledding on Saturday? But I think the wind is supposed to bad, plus it’s going to be cold, so I have a feeling we will watch a lot of movies and stay home. Which is exactly what we need.

I have been absolutely horrible at taking pictures. If I do remember, they are in full winter gear, and most of those pictures are blurry.


My dates are iffy at this point, but I think this was last Monday. It’s a struggle to get Caden to take that hat off. She loves hats and would sleep in it if I let her.


Maybe December 6? Snow gear! We bought their coats last spring at a deep discount. I bought snowpants this year and they are just the wrong shade of teal. Oh well.


Likely December 9. Caden’s hat is in her hand because I made her take it off for the picture. Her shirt is one we bought to fit around her cast and I do love it. Delaney is wearing one from Old Navy that we got when we were looking for navy leggings.


December 13. This week! Caden would not indulge me by moving her head the other way. Not even a little bit.

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