The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

More Tiny Bits

on December 15, 2016

There’s a lot going on these days but nothing is meaty enough to stretch into it’s own post. And so, more bullets!

* Piano lessons were rough for Caden this fall. They were not going well at all. When she broke her arm she took those four weeks off from lessons. I had an inkling that the break would be good for her attitude and I was right. Last night at their lesson her teacher said “And she’s back!” She practices without complaining, and her piano playing is much improved. It’s so awesome! It’s been so nice to not have to nag either of them to practice, and I know her teacher loves the difference in attitude as well.

* It’s cold out! It got really cold last year too, but this year I swear it’s worse on the dogs. Last year Annie did fine with the snow, and we used her coat if we went for a walk. This year, it’s like the concrete is extra cold. Every time she’s outside she does the dance of the cold paws. I feel so bad for them so we try to make each trip out as short as possible.

* Delaney had a little attitude at bedtime last night so I told her it was lights out, no more reading. She didn’t like that and refused to turn off her light. So I unplugged it. Do not try me little people!

* I took today off work to finish up as many Christmas to do items as I can and I am so excited to have a random day off in the middle of the week and run errands all by myself without children!!!!!

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