The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on December 14, 2016

* The girls are growing. We are just past the eat all the things phase (although maybe not), and into the I must sleep all the time phase. I’ve been putting them to bed early this week hoping it will help, but of course it doesn’t.

* Delaney outgrew the waist in her size 7 jeans. That has never happened before! Usually they get to be too short so we move on to the next size. But this time she legitimately couldn’t button them anymore. She also outgrew all of her shoes, and so we are slowly replacing them. She got new sneakers in Arizona, will get new riding boots this weekend, and new ballet shoes in January. This growth spurt has been expensive!

* Annabelle does not like sweaters, but it’s been so cold lately that I bought her one from Target. She hates when I put it on, but she keeps it on so Win. Demi our foster dog also hates sweaters and coats, and also has seen the light with the below zero temps. The sweater I bought her is too big, so she’s stuck with an old pink argyle sweater that Annie outgrew. It’s Adorable! If it weren’t dark all the time I’d get a picture of her in it. Maybe this weekend.

* Speaking of Demi, who wants to adopt an adorable chihuahua that’s great with kids?

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