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National Parks

on December 7, 2016

When kids are in fourth grade, they get a national park pass for free. It’s good September through August of their fourth grade year, so for my girls, it would be September 2017 – August 2018. I’m guessing they do this because fourth grade is a great age to hit the road and see the parks? Which makes me think maybe we should take advantage of this?

When we were driving through Arizona we saw a bunch of RVs that had Cruise America logos on them. Cruise America rents RVs, and they make it easy for you to rent them from one city, but return them in another. This would be perfect for our trip! Plus, they come in every size.

Ideally, and in my head, our trip would start maybe at the Grand Canyon? And then travel north through Utah hitting their parks, then Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Glacier, then on to South Dakota and then home. I think. This is the very early stages of planning, but since this would be a month long trip most likely, I want to plan ahead so everything can be coordinated.

The big gotcha with this is that I can’t drive an RV by myself. I could drive it, but getting it into campsites and all of that without another adult would be impossible. Which means we would need to do this either with another person, or with another family. We’re taking applications.

So anyway – thoughts? Am I crazy? I’ve always wanted to do a bigger trip like this with my girls, I’m just not sure how to exactly make this happen!

2 responses to “National Parks

  1. Jill says:

    We are planning to do this too! We’all have to compare notes.

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