The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on December 5, 2016

Our weekend was packed full of things! Maybe a little too packed full, but that’s what happens this time of year.

On Saturday we hustled in the morning and got the house cleaned, and ran a few errands. After ballet we headed down to my grandpa’s house to spend some time with him. We were going to go out to eat, but ended up fonduing instead, since that’s everyone’s favorite. The girls were very excited, we haven’t fondued since Valentine’s Day? And! I introduced my grandpa to fondued shrimp! Which is now his favorite. We were done eating early, so we drove through the holiday lights in Mankato. They were beautiful! We waited for 45 minutes in line, during which my grandpa and I had some quality bonding time looking for a new cane for him on Amazon. When you finally get into the park, there is just nothing like seeing all of those lights! We’ll try to get back one more time so we can walk through as well.

Sunday was a lot of errands. Again we went to Target. The girls were all why?? Mama’s off her game girls, what can I say. In fact, I was off my game all day. They need new mittens, but of course we didn’t look for them at Target, but instead looked for them at Dick’s. They were out of anything remotely cute, so we are still looking. (JK! Amazon to the rescue.)

Once home I wanted to finish up our Christmas lights. Before we left for Arizona I put up the icicles and the net lights on the big bush. I thought it would take 15 minutes to put up the last string of icicles, and a few strings around the other bushes. Not so much. The new icicle string wouldn’t plug into the other strings, so I had to swap it out with a string so I could plug it into the main plug in. Once plugged in, I realized I bought regular lights, not LED which is apparently what I bought last year. There was one string of yellow lights in a sea of cool blue, which won’t do. Off to Home Depot to buy LED, but of course I bought a string that was twice as long as I needed. So once again, I took down the bad lights, moved the string from the end to that spot, and then put the long string on the end since there was extra room there. Caden and I also had to restring all of the bushes multiple times because I kept screwing up what plugged into what. It was a long day, but at least it looks good. Next year I’m throwing those icicles in the bin, and getting the pretty multi-colored round lights for the roofline. The cool blue throws everything else off!

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