The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Grand Canyon – Day 1

on November 22, 2016

When I was looking at flights last spring, they were significantly cheaper if we left the week before Thanksgiving than if we flew out the week of. I called my mom and asked if it would be cool if our stay was a little longer? And we both agreed it would give us the perfect opportunity to hit the Grand Canyon. None of us had been before, it was just never a trip on anyone’s list. I did some research but honestly, we all said the next time we head up there we would do a few things differently.

The one thing we got right was staying at the Maswik Lodge. In case you’re like me and don’t know how things are set up, there is a Grand Canyon Village with five different hotels. I believe Maswik Lodge is the only one without views of the Canyon, but given that the sun went down at 5:20, we knew that wouldn’t be a big deal. The rooms were fine, we were only a five minute walk from the Canyon, and the Cafeteria was fabulous. We’d definitely stay there again.

I did some research on hikes, but most of the info out there was more on the hikes that go into the canyon, and not necessarily about just walking around the rim. I knew there was a shuttle that ran, but I wish we would have hopped on the shuttle right away and rode it out, then walked back. We wandered the trail, but we didn’t go as far as I would have liked because the sun was going down and we needed to head back. Next time.

The weather was mid-50’s while we were there. We dressed in layers, wore gloves and hats, and were totally fine.

My parents are both fairly scared of heights. I didn’t know that before the trip. My mom did fine, but my dad was really freaked out. He didn’t like the girls too close to the edge, and when we hiked down into the canyon on Sunday morning, he only made it about 20 yards before heading back to the top. The second day we managed this better, but on the first day both of my girls were scared by how scared/nervous my parents were. If you have people in your group that are scared of heights, definitely figure out how you’re going to handle that ahead of time. Caden couldn’t figure out if she too was scared of heights, or if she was just taking on their fears.



As we walked up to the rim, this was our view. It is certainly breathtaking.


My dad was really good about making me get in the picture!


Caden was the map reader this trip. She was very into it, and kept going over our route.


Look at how happy my children are! There were at least two other families there spouting similar “We did not drive this far to just sit in our room!” missives to their children. Delaney was mad that Caden was always the leader, although truthfully, she was probably just hungry.


Where we were, there were the red/purple parts of the canyon straight ahead, and then the cliffs off to the side that were more brown with green trees. I tried to get both backgrounds in our pictures. While I’m partial to the red/purple parts of the canyon, I do love this shot.


Seriously. How amazing is Mother Nature. Those stripes! That canyon/river thing that’s running through (it’s the Bright Angel river I think?). I loved it all.


Delaney was very excited to climb this tree and pose!


It was just after sunset and Delaney had gone ahead with my parents. The purple colors and Caden’s purple sweatshirt, I had to take a few pictures. This was also right after we finally found a pair of binoculars for the girls and they could not stop using them. It was super adorable.

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