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Arizona – Hike #1

on November 21, 2016

My parents have retired to Mesa, AZ for the winter. Luckily, they are at the base of a fair number of mountains so there is great hiking nearby. Friday morning we headed to a regional park to hike the San Tan mountains. It was gorgeous weather, and I really wanted to get in a hike before we headed to the Grand Canyon.


Once my parents bought their place in Arizona, a bunch of their friends did as well. I love that they have so many friends to be active with!


There are so many majestic saguaro cactuses everywhere!


A few years ago my dad checked out a cactus like this. The barbs famously “jumped” from the cactus into him. It’s kind of a running joke, except that’s totally what this cactus does. We made sure to stay far away from it!


It was a very sunny day. Shortly after this picture I noticed Caden was melting a bit. It wasn’t very hot, but she was so excited for this trip she was a little short on sleep and food. I ended up giving a lot of piggy back rides on the way back.


So many cool trees, so many cool photo ops!


The girls have held my hand everywhere this trip. It’s not something they do much at home, so I’m savoring it!

One response to “Arizona – Hike #1

  1. I am so cold over here in New England and I am sooooo jealous!!!

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