The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tough Week

on November 11, 2016

Despite the look on Delaney’s face in most of these pictures, mornings have been going better. I do think it’s a result of the time change (sorry!), we are all getting up a bit earlier and that definitely has a positive affect on our mornings. I’ve been trying to work out in the mornings, but that only happened once this week. Here’s to hoping that trends upward next week.


Friday. No school so they came to work with me. Delaney’s fashion style leans more toward matching. She really likes to wear the same color in her top and her pants. A few years ago she wore a lot of black, which was kind of hilarious. This year we seem to have a lot of navy. Also, I didn’t notice until recently but Caden puts her cast behind her back a lot to try to hide it. She hates getting asked how she broke her arm. This throws off her posture though, so we’re doing weekly visits to the chiropractor.


Tuesday. We went for cozy but it ended up being hot out and they both came home in just the tank tops they had worn underneath. Oops!


Thursday. Delaney was almost out the door when I called her back for a picture. Clearly, less than thrilled.

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