The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Fashion Friday

on November 4, 2016

The girls don’t have school today and thank goodness for neighbors or I would have been quite lonely at the bus stop. At the beginning of the school year I put all of their days off into my calendar, but I must have missed this one. I guess it’s Take your Daughter to Work day for us!


Tuesday. Remember when Caden broke her collar bone and even with only one arm she still got ready faster in the morning than her sister? Well, some things never change.


Wednesday. Yowza! Delaney is wearing a pair of gray, maybe a velveteen? pants from Old Navy purchased last year. They are a favorite since they are super soft and are in heavy rotation all winter. I need to find them in a size 8! But of course this year Old Navy did sparkle cords. No thank you.


Thursday. Before she broke her arm, the girls went to Target with my mom and she said Caden went straight for this denim shirt. She was so proud of this outfit today! You can’t see it, but she had a white tank top underneath. She looked totally adorable. (Her jeans are also Cat & Jack and have gold stars on them. We’ve loved everything from this line!)

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