The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Pumpkins and changes

on November 3, 2016


I realized I forgot to post our pumpkins! We carved them Sunday afternoon. The girls wanted to do more of a design than just cutting out a face, so we found templates, and they each picked something out. Delaney’s is on the left, she went with a ghost face. Caden’s is on the right. Hers was tough because it was more intricate, but it’s a witch riding home on her broom. You can see the witch’s foot on the left? I dread carving pumpkins every year and put it off as long as possible, but honestly this year it was not awful and kind of fun. But next year we are investing in nicer carving tools.

Last Friday we headed down to my parent’s house to celebrate my mom’s retirement. It is bittersweet because she’s finally done working, but they are getting out of dodge for the winter and heading to Arizona. They left on Sunday, and while we’ll see them in a few weeks when we travel there for Thanksgiving, we definitely won’t see them as much as we’re used to.

We do a lot with my parents. We see them often at the lake in the summer, and make plans with them every few weekends in the winter. I genuinely enjoy spending time with them, and they love to spend time with the girls. This winter will definitely be weird, not making plans to go to Mankato to see them. But, I think it will be good for us. Knowing we’ll be home every weekend will hopefully push me to schedule more playdates. They want to see their cousins more, and we talked to friends on Halloween about doing more playdates with them as well. I’m also hoping to do more things around town. I don’t want to just default to going to movies every weekend (although we’re probably going to see Trolls on Sunday).

So while we will miss them terribly, I think this will be a good push for me to be a little more social with our friends. I’m not very good at that and I need to be better. Sometimes you just need a little shove right?

ps – Happy birthday Mom!

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