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Cast on

on October 28, 2016

Thursday was cast day! We were both very excited to get rid of the soft cast and get Caden into her real cast.

I’ve never broken a bone, so I had no idea how they put on a cast. First, they put her fingers in Chinese finger traps. I side eyed this contraption for about two seconds before I realized what it would do. It worked perfectly to keep her arm in the air at the angle they needed. The cotton went on first, all the way from her hand to above her elbow. Because she broke both bones, the cast needed to go above her elbow to protect against any rotation. Ugh. I was really hoping we would have more shirt options but no.

After the cotton they did a layer of the white cast stuff. I have no idea what it’s called, but they got it wet, wrapped it, then it hardened. Wednesday night Caden did a little research via Siri as to what her cast color options might be. Apparently some places did stripes? She was really hoping she could get stripes, but if she couldn’t, she wanted blue since that’s her favorite color. Once the blue strip went on they compressed her arm a bit. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it had to do with keeping the bones aligned? Who knows. It hurt, so that sucked.

The PA had never done a stripe before, but realized they could do one fairly easily just by taking the pink and winding it around. she also offered to do a bracelet type design by doing a circle at her wrist and another at the top, but Caden wanted the diagonal stripe. It worked perfectly! She was super happy.

In the ER I was told eight weeks in the cast. At the beginning of the appointment the PA told me six weeks in the cast. I was excited about that except when we met with the doctor he said four weeks! Kids heal fast. After four weeks she’ll likely be in a removable cast for two more weeks. No idea what that will be like, but we’ll take it. We also swapped out our itchy/scratchy sling for one of theirs that is much cushier. She only needs to wear the sling when she needs it, and I’m guessing she’ll ditch it fairly soon. She tried holding a pencil today but couldn’t really grip it so I ordered some pencils off Amazon that should work better for her. Let the countdown begin!

One response to “Cast on

  1. Jill says:

    The stripe is adorable, so glad it’s only 4 weeks!

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