The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Minneopa State Park

on October 25, 2016

First, a Caden update. She has held it together quite well and remained very upbeat about her broken arm, but last night at bedtime she totally and completely lost it. I felt so bad. She had been arguing with her sister and I was telling them to be nice to each other when she started sobbing in my arms telling me how everything was hard to do and she had to sit out of everything. She can’t write, she can’t play, she can’t even tie her shoes. She gets her cast on Thursday morning and I’m hoping she’ll have use of her hand after that. In the meantime, lots of love and understanding.

Friday! We headed to Minneopa State Park to do a little exploring. I’m sure I’ve been to this park because it’s only ten minutes away, but it’s been years and years. There is a gorgeous waterfall that we hiked around, and we also saw the bison. The bison were kind of far away so I didn’t bother with pictures of them, but I did get a few pictures of some cute bears around the waterfall!


The girls packed lighter jackets for the weekend, so my mom took them to Target and bought these vests. So cute!


Both falls. Every time I’m at a waterfall I have the wrong lens on my camera!


It’s a thing to carve your name into the limestone around the falls. We joked that if we looked hard enough, we’d probably find ‘Curt + Kathy’ somewhere! My parents came here a lot when they were in high school.


Caden was fearless! She was in the lead and climbed all over the rocks. There was a path that led down to the falls, but you had to climb over rocks and over trees. I kept saying “Are you sure this is the way?”


Family picture.

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