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Broken Arm

on October 24, 2016

So. I headed down to Mankato Friday afternoon. The weather was gorgeous! We hit up one of the state parks that afternoon and did a little hiking (more on that tomorrow). Saturday morning we ran some errands, snapped some pictures that will hopefully be our holiday card, and I took the dogs for a nice, long walk. Since it was so beautiful out, my dad and I took the girls to the nearby elementary school playground. They’d been playing for a bit and we were just thinking about heading home, when Caden fell off the slide**. By the way she was crying I knew instantly that we were headed for the Emergency Room. I scooped her up and we were in the truck and on our way in 30 seconds.

As we were driving, we realized we were going to drive right past my parent’s house so we dropped Delaney off. I sneaked a few looks at Caden’s wrist and while it was hard to see with her long sleeve shirt, her arm looked wavy and I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Even though she wasn’t crying it was obvious she was in a lot of pain so we checked in as quickly as possible and got her back to a room. I wasn’t sure what protocol would be since there were definitely people waiting, but maybe since it was a child in pain that gets you back faster?

They weighed her, then took her back to x-ray. The x-ray comes up immediately and even to my Grey’s Anatomy trained eye, it was SUPER obvious both bones in her forearm were broken. At least I knew what to google. Google told me this type of break generally doesn’t require surgery which immediately helped my anxiety.

Overall, we were only there for two hours. After x-ray they got her some pain meds (I had to ask three times, but I did say please and thank you). The process of reducing the fracture was equal parts gross and fascinating. I never need to see that again, but I could not help but watch. Caden was SUPER brave. She tolerates pain so well. She only cried for a few minutes, then she just soldiered through it. I held her hand and snuggled her and did what I could to comfort her, but everyone commented on what an amazing patient she was. (Splint for now, cast later this week.)


When the doctor came in to find out what happened, two other gentlemen came in as well and I knew immediately they were witnesses in case they needed to call CPS. Even though I had nothing to worry about, I started spitting out facts when they asked if she’d ever had surgery before. (Yes, 6 surgeries on her eye, she’s a preemie, 31 weeks 6 days, 2 lbs 11 ounces, identical twin, she’s petite.) Oh well. Also, when I went to fill her liquid vicodin prescription, the pharmacist very casually grilled me on what happened. As I told my mom, when you’re picking up narcotics in a city you don’t live in, for a child that isn’t with you, it maybe looks a little sketch. The pharmacist was super nice and went over all of the pain management options with me again, and clearly, I won’t ever complain about people looking out for other people.

To make this even longer, when I tried to get her into her pajamas, we realized they were not going over her splint. We put on her pajamas pants and I had her wear my tank top to bed. Sunday morning my mom and I headed over to Kohl’s to find shirts with stretchy sleeves that we hope will work for the next eight weeks.

Even though we’ve kind of been down this path when she broke her collar bone, the cast on her arm will present different challenges. Some of her restrictions we won’t know until she gets her cast on. I’m guessing no piano, no gym, no horseback riding, no ballet, and possibly no swimming in Arizona. But maybe ballet? And likely recess just be smart? And the pharmacist said they can make casts you can get wet now? So I’m hoping that the restriction list will get shorter.

** I was talking to my dad with my head turned so I didn’t see how she fell, but according to Delaney she was climbing up the slide when her foot caught and she went over the side. My dad said she was coming down the slide when her foot caught and she went over. Either way, she wasn’t very high off the ground when she fell, maybe three feet? But she put her hand out to break her fall. Luckily, the playground is covered in cushy material, or her break may not have been so clean.

One response to “Broken Arm

  1. Denise says:

    Oh dang — I feel so bad for little Caden 😦 I sure hope she mends quickly. Hugs to all of you.

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