The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Check it off the list

on October 17, 2016

We have gotten into a good routine on Saturdays. Clean in the mornings, ballet, groceries, then free time back at home. Every Saturday I think “It’s been such a productive day!” It feels so good to cross things off my list at home, especially since my to do list at work only seems to grow! The girls are really good about cleaning now. At first they whined and complained, but after breakfast we make a list, and everyone pitches in. They know that once things are done, they can play or do whatever they want. It only takes us about an hour and a half to get everything done, and we crank the music on the Sonos to keep us moving.

I don’t love to clean, but I love a clean house. This week I realized my house wasn’t clean and it was stressing me out, so I took some extra time to clean our hot spots. For us, it’s the desk, coffee table, and dining room table. They tend to be dumping grounds and once it builds, it’s so hard to clear it off. It felt so good to walk through the house and have it be clean!

The final room making me cranky was the girls room. My parents were up Sunday for the fall festival, so my mom and I attacked it. We debated rearranging it, but in the end we realized that was more than we were willing to bite off on a Sunday morning. Instead we cleared, cleaned, and organized. I finally cleared all the junk off their dresser. Cross your fingers it stays that way! My mom cleared out the bottom of the closet, adding to our Goodwill pile. We brought a few totes up from the basement, which will hopefully mean that everything will have a home.

In the old house, all of their toys and art supplies were in the main living room. Things got played with because they saw them every day. After living in this house almost a year, there are a lot of toys that have never been played with since we put them away. A large part of that is because they’re stored in the basement, and we are never in the basement. We’ve moved their legos up, and reorganized the toy cabinet. I’m hoping with some strategic moves, we can get things where they should be so they get played with again.

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