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Back up Glasses

on October 12, 2016

This summer my aunt Lisa told me about Zenni Optical (apparently Chloe told me about them too when I first posted about Caden needing glasses!). They are a super low cost site where you can buy glasses. At that time, Caden had had her glasses for a few months and while nothing had gone wrong, it was only a matter of time.

We perused the site several, several times. Every time she found a pair of glasses she liked, I read the reviews and most times we were forced to move on. Kids glasses are tough, because kids faces are such different sizes and shapes. You upload a picture and input your pupil width, but it still seemed like every pair of glasses she liked were made for a much smaller face. I finally googled the Lucky Brand glasses we bought from the eye doctor to get the bow length which helped greatly. Since her main pair of glasses are neutral, I let her go with color for her back up pair of glasses. She went with purple! Her frames were $15.95, and with lenses and shipping, our total was $25. Much, much cheaper than what we paid at the eye doctor.


When she initially got the glasses she said they fit differently, which didn’t surprise me. They weren’t as comfortable, but I think that was because she wasn’t used to them. At that point, we put them aside as back up glasses and she wore her main glasses every day. And then! She had one bow on her main glasses that came loose three times. We had taken them in twice to get them tightened, but I finally called and said listen, order us a new pair. Luckily that was part of the contract, so the new frames were free.

It took a week to get the new frames, and then another week before I could get over to the eye doctor to pick them up. Luckily, she had her back up pair of glasses to wear. I’m honestly not sure what we would have done otherwise! Her vision has gotten bad enough that she wears her glasses all the time, school would have been very difficult without them.

Long story longer, we love Zenni. The glasses were cheap, but as far as I can tell they are of good quality. They have a huge selection, and she loves the pair she picked out. I do think it’s hard since you can’t try them on before you order, but by uploading a picture you can get a solid idea of what they’ll look like on you. I had no intention of buying a backup pair of glasses, but since they were so cheap I did and thank goodness I did. They saved the day!

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