The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Landscape decisions

on October 10, 2016

My poor parents. Every spring and fall they come up and help me with the lawn work. No more is the lawn work at our new house, that yard is low maintenance. We still have to make treks back to the rental house. Last weekend the girls and I biked over to the house and took a look at the state of things. The hedges were out of control, the hostas needed to be cut back, but overall the yard looked fairly good. There is a big hedge in the backyard that my dad and I have spent hours on in the past, but our past work must be working, because this year it was mostly just some trimming. We were done in two and a half hours, and everything looked massively better when we were done.

The girls swing set is still up in the backyard, as is a glider swing and our old garden. The current renters don’t have kids and honestly, I can’t see this house renting out to a family in the near future (unless maybe a single mom?) so I’m not sure the swing set makes sense. It’s also OLD, and possibly a liability. Next spring we’re going to take out the glider swing and the garden, and now it looks like the rest may be getting pulled out as well.


My dad said he could chop off the tree house and bring it over to the new house and put it up there. We could even keep it tall, so they could keep the slide. This would be awesome. They may only use it for another year or two, but it’s already built, so it’s not like we’re buying or building new. It would mean we would need to postpone building the big hammock that we loved at the Duluth cabin, but that’s fine. It will happen eventually.

My mom and I both said we should pull out the swings as well. They are on pea gravel, which we could make into a sitting area? With maybe a pergola over it. We shall see.

It’s been interesting viewing this house as a rental, and realizing not all of the things I loved about it as a homeowner, are good for renters. Hopefully with a few projects, we can make that house a little lower maintenance as well.

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