The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 7, 2016

Baron went to his forever family last night! But, before he left us, he came to the bus stop one last time, and to school to pick the girls up. That dog was so social it made me laugh. He loved nothing more than meeting new people, and people loved him! Everywhere we went he attracted so much attention. What a honey. His family is in love with him already, and I can’t wait to get updates on him.


Friday, September 30. Delaney has worn cardigans more often this year, than all of last year!


Monday, October 3. Monday was gorgeous! Beautiful sunny day. It was nice to get one more day of no jackets in.


Tuesday, October 4. Picture day, and of course it was raining in the morning. They had their hoods up and used an umbrella, but what does it matter when pictures happen after gym class?


Wednesday, October 5. They are doing their read-a-thon right now, and the theme for Wednesday was Beach Day. They each packed a beach towel and beach accessories into Target bags to bring to school. I love that they handle all of this on their own now.


Thursday, October 6. It’s also Homecoming Week, so the third grade was supposed to dress in green. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of that color but we did our best! Also, spot Mr. Baron! (Annie is attached to the pink leash, but she’s too short to make it into the picture.)

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