The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

3rd Grade Conferences

on October 6, 2016

It’s conference time! I had Delaney’s last week and Caden’s last night. I could have sworn I signed up for back to back time slots, and I did, just a week apart. Oh well, it was nice to have a little space between them.

Let’s start with Delaney. I’ve heard a lot about her classroom this year and she’s really loving it. They do six minutes of silence after lunch and it’s her favorite part of the day (besides recess). She has a good friend in her classroom which makes all the difference for her. She tested high in math and reading, and is overall doing awesome both socially, and academically. She even keeps her desk clean. Her teacher recommended a journal for her, thinking it would expand her reading and writing skills. She picked one out at Target last weekend and is loving it.

Caden is very similar. She too has a good friend in her classroom and is absolutely thriving in third grade. She got a perfect score (plus extra credit) on her government test and is super excited to meet the mayor on Friday. They seem to dig into subjects a little deeper in third grade which is fun for me since they love to discuss everything at home. The teacher agreed that Caden is a little bored in math, so we’re going to try to use some computer time to challenge her.

Previously, I had heard that third grade was when homework really kicked in. I found out that in past years they gave two worksheets that had to be completed front and back every night. Yikes! This year they changed to one math sheet that has a problem on it for each day. It takes less than five minutes to complete each night, but covers enough that the teachers can tell if they kids are learning things. I LOVE IT.

I also found that the teachers were as frustrated as I was with gifted and talented last year, and everyone is super excited for the new teacher this year. He’s hoping to get things going end of October. Anything is better than last year, but I’m hoping for big things in this area. My girls could definitely use the challenge!

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