The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Catch Up

on September 27, 2016

* Piano lessons started right after Labor Day. It’s been something of a challenge to find that routine of practicing every night. Delaney seems to take practicing much more seriously than Caden does, which shows at lesson time. Last year  Caden got serious when she got a piece that she really wanted to master, hopefully she just needs that this time around as well. I am happy to hear the sounds of the piano through our house again. I love listening to them play.

* Ballet lessons started up two weeks ago. Lessons are Saturdays at noon which is not the best time. I keep thinking we have all this time in the morning to get the house cleaned and grab groceries, but the truth is we have to hustle to make that happen. Maybe that’s not a bad thing? They love their teacher this year, and their smaller class size. Last year there were 8 kids in their class? Not all of whom paid attention which made it difficult. This year there are 5 kids total, and the teacher is really able to correct the kids and give them a lot of individual attention.

* My dad came up last week and bunked the girls beds. They’ve been playing with their legos and magna tiles nonstop and want to be able to play with them in their room, rather than the basement or living room. Now their bunk beds are on one wall, and we moved a play table up from the basement so their legos are by the windows. I bought a little cart at Ikea last year that has been sitting in the basement, so last night we put that together and that will work perfectly for their extra lego pieces. We may need a few small boxes to organize them, but they’re using tupperware for now to figure out how big and how many. My living room floor is finally clear again, and their room looks cleaner, so this is a win. The only downside is that Delaney is now remembering that the dogs don’t want to be on the top bunk and that has been an issue. I think some bunk swaps are in their future.

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