The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Crazy Week

on September 23, 2016

We have had a lot going on lately. It seems like there is something every night. Sometimes it gets a little crazy, but overall I think it’s better for us to be out and about than holed up at home.


Friday. Park pride day! I thought we were out of orange and black, but Delaney found the perfect t-shirt!


Monday. Just Caden. Doesn’t she look adorable in her dress?


Tuesday. Coordinating Old Navy jackets and head bands.


Wednesday. Delaney is wearing their new Under Armour leggings. I bought each of them a pair last spring and they wore them so much I bought another pair one size up. They are so cute!


Thursday. As part of their school supplies I had to buy a sketch book. I thought maybe it was for art? But they get to sketch every day after lunch if they choose to. Caden has been loving this and sometimes brings it home to sketch on the bus too.

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