The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Week Two

on September 16, 2016

Week two of school is almost in the books! We do not have a regular bus driver yet, so there is some, shall we call it suspense?, around when the bus will arrive morning and afternoon which maybe isn’t the suspense I need in my life.


Last Friday, September 9. Delaney remembered her orange and black this week! We are going to have to get creative after this, possibly moving onto softball jerseys?


Monday, September 12. I’m unsure what Caden’s eating here. She always eats breakfast before we leave, did she sneak some candy and I didn’t notice?


Tuesday, September 13. This was the morning of our dentist appointment and I’m rather proud that we left the house with enough time to grab this!


Wednesday, September 14. Caden was crabby? And already in the vehicle so it’s just Delaney with jazz hands!


Thursday, September 15. Delaney is wearing my favorite shirt. It’s adorable and I’m hoping we get warm enough weather that she can wear at least one more time.

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