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Switch our Focus

on September 14, 2016

There’s only so many things I can focus on in the day, and the girls’ tooth brushing skills hasn’t been at the top of my list probably ever. I’ve been chastised multiple times for this (generally not by our dentist, but by the hygienist or another dentist) and I care for about two seconds and then I move on. I make sure they brush every night before bed, and that’s about where we are.

Our last dentist appointment was awesome! No cavities! This dentist appointment was a bad one. Caden has three cavities, Delaney has two. I feel like I limit their sugar as much as I can, but they love ice cream and still eat way too much of it. It’s a battle. Plus they definitely need to brush twice a day. Delaney’s hygienist gave the awesome suggestion of “Just get up two minutes earlier every morning!” Except that’s not really our problem. The problem is that we all leave the breakfast table at the same time, but the girls take longer to get their shoes on, etc and don’t have time/don’t want to brush their teeth. My hygienist was really awesome about it and suggested I buy nice electric toothbrushes. Apparently they are proven to remove more plaque. I’m also hoping they will make the girls want to brush their teeth more often.

As far as our morning routine goes, I’m going to try to tweak that a bit as well. I printed out a word doc listing all of the things they need to do before we leave the house, hoping this will bring back making their bed as well as add in teeth brushing. They must have their hair brushed before they can eat, and I’ll shoo them out of the kitchen a little earlier so they have time to brush their teeth. This whole thing really needs to become a solid routine that they do on their own, without a ton of intervention from me. It’s gross that they don’t brush their teeth in the morning, but up until now I’ve been picking my morning battles. It’s time to step up our hygiene game!

One response to “Switch our Focus

  1. Heather says:

    Tooth brushing is frustrating here too! I look forward to seeing if your idea works 🙂

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