The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Getting Things Done

on September 12, 2016

Over Labor Day weekend my mom and I discussed fall. She hates this time of year. For her, it’s a reminder that it’s going to be winter soon. I don’t mind fall. It’s not my favorite season, but summer is always so crazy busy, I’m ready for quieter weekends (although definitely not ready for cooler weather). (For me, I hate January and February. The holidays are over and you have nothing to look forward to until the snow melts.)

Edited to add! I was reminded this morning by another post on social media that September is a time when a lot of people are depressed because of the weather change. My mom is definitely in that camp! So don’t forget your vitamin D! I take mine every day, but it’s especially important this time of year.

Saturday we were very productive. The house has been a bit neglected this summer, so we all pitched in to clean. We ran our errands and still had time for the girls to play with their magnatiles/lego creation for a few hours.

Saturday night a friend of mine hosted a Cabi party. I had been to one a long time ago so I knew the clothes would be cute! I’ve been evaluating my winter clothing, so I had a pretty solid idea of what I needed to fill in the gaps. Their stuff did not disappoint! And trying clothes on with your friends is so fun. It was a super fun evening out for everyone, since the girls (and Annabelle) were very happy to see our babysitter Amanda.

Sunday was weird. My reflux has been really flaring up so I wasn’t feeling the best. The girls were fairly worn out as well. We had planned to go to church and do Rally Sunday, but decided to stay home. I finished up some cleaning and yard clean up projects, then we headed out to our softball games. Our fall ball team just hasn’t gelled well, hasn’t found it’s groove. It’s been frustrating because the girls have so much potential! It also doesn’t help having Sunday afternoon games. All of the girls are tired, and then we have to play a double header. Only a week or two left there luckily.

So that’s our weekend. Kind of lame, but I’m guessing that will be how most of them will go for a while!

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