The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Larkie Lu

on September 8, 2016

Larkie had an awesome week at the lake! You could really tell she was relaxed and enjoying herself. She likes my mom and knows she’s safe, but she still generally needs me near by in order to let my mom pick her up. Not this trip! My mom was able to pick her up at least twice, and Lark jumped up and sat next to her on the pontoon when we cruised around the lake. This is huge. HUGE.


Lark and Annie went fishing with us all three times. As soon as we got on the pontoon her nose went in the air and started sniffing. I have no idea why she relaxes so much on the lake but she does!

We’d been fishing for a bit when I looked down and thought “What on earth is Lark doing?” Her butt, is up on Annabelle’s back.


Here’s the view from another angle. God bless Annie, she just let Lark do her thing. Delaney thought maybe this was Lark doing downward dog?


My mom rocked Lark on the swing Saturday afternoon and we quickly realized she loved it. Must be the rocking motion? Even after my mom got up, Larkie stayed and just chilled on the pillow. She ended up here a few more times over the weekend.

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